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Copy the executable file to a directory in which you have Read, Write, and Execute permissions. I prefer to create a C:\bin directory and run the file from there.



Directory to Monitor:
Enter the name of the directory you wish to monitor.

Path to File Monitor Program:
This is optional. If you wish FileEventWatcher to automatically open a program whenever a file changes, enter the path to the program here and be sure to check the 'Run File Monitor' checkbox on the main screen. Entering 'C:\Windows\system32\notepad.exe' should get Notepad to open, etc. A couple of other good file monitoring programs are:
Trace32.exe -
Tail For Win -

These programs automatically scroll to keep up with file changes as text is appended to the file. This makes them good for monitoring log files.

Files to Monitor:
*.* - will trigger on any file in the monitored directory.
*.log - will trigger on any file that ends in .log
test.txt - will only trigger on changes that affect test.txt

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